03.   May 2008

The '08 Adventure as it unfolded


The map to the left of this text was updated as we covered the proposed route shown on the map.
We did manage to get online some times and did update the map as we went along [ ;-) ] - this intention also applied to the reports about our adventure(s).
    I did not manage to write very much this year in any of the reports ... to busy enjoying the food, company and scenery

The Photo Gallery is now online

Please click on the Itinerary link above for location details and dates

We were away from home (and our office / studio) for 2 month
.. virtually all of May & June 2008 - [ 8 weeks +1 day = 57 days ].

There was a substantial variation from the proposed itinerary after Berlin as Jim had to fly home to look after the funeral of Uncle Dudley - who did not follow instructions he was issued before we left and he did pass away while we were in Berlin :-(
Jacqui and Hans went directly to Hamburg from Berlin after we got Jim to the airport at Berlin.

Most of the time we used a hire car for transport from one place to the next with the exceptions of the London / Venice part at the start and the Hong Kong stop over at the end.

Michael (Jacqui's step-brother) joined us on our arrival at Barcelona
for 16 days until we dropped him of in Paris (to catch a flight home)
and we were our way east towards Germany.

Jim Griffin, Jacqui & Hans Stammel

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